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Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England's Most Notorious Queen.pdf



Praise for The Creation of Anne Boleyn:

"Bordo’s sharp reading of Boleyniana and her clear affection for this proud, unusual woman make this an entertaining, provocative read."
The Boston Globe

"Ms. Bordo offers a fascinating discussion... a strangely tasty book."
New York Times Book Review

"A fascinating and accessible study of Anne Boleyn's history and popular myth."
—Shelf Awareness

"Delightfully cheeky, solidly-researched...a sensible look at the way Anne’s image has been manipulated and shaped by different agendas and historical periods over the centuries."
Daily Beast

"Bordo’s eloquent study not only recovers Anne Boleyn for our times but also demonstrates the ways in which legends grow out of the faintest wisps of historical fact, and develop into tangled webs of fact and fiction that become known as the truth."
Book Page

"The author offers interesting insights into the representation of a historical figure, as well as varying feminist interpretations of Boleyn’s legacy...this engaging portrait culminates with an intriguing exploration of Boleyn’s recent reemergence in pop culture."
Publishers Weekly

"A great read for Boleyn fans and fanatics alike"
—Kirkus Reviews

"Susan Bordo astutely re-examines Anne’s life and death anew and peels away the layers of untruth and myth that have accumulated since. The Creation of Anne Boleyn is a refreshing, iconoclastic and moving look at one of history’s most intriguing women. It is rare to find a book that rouses one to scholarly glee, feminist indignation and empathetic tears, but this is such a book."
—Suzannah Lipscomb, author of 1536: The Year that Changed Henry VIII

"If you think you know who Anne Boleyn was, think again. In this rigorously argued yet deliciously readable book, Susan Bordo bursts through the dead weight of cultural stereotypes and historical clichés to disentangle the fictions that we have created from the fascinating, elusive woman that Henry VIII tried—unsuccessfully—to erase from historical memory. This is a book that has long been needed to set the record straight, and Bordo knocked it out of the park. Brava!"
—Robin Maxwell, national bestselling author of Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn and Mademoiselle Boleyn

"In The Creation of Anne Boleyn, we watch Anne Boleyn the woman transform into Anne Boleyn the legend—a fascinating journey. Susan Bordo covers Anne's historical footprints and her afterlife in art, fiction, poetry, theater and cinema, each change reflecting the concerns of a different era. Meticulous, thoughtful, persuasive—and fun."
—Margaret George, author of The Autobiography of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I

Part biography, part cultural history, The Creation of Anne Boleyn is a reconstruction of Boleyn’s life and an illuminating look at her very active afterlife in the popular imagination. With Bringing up the Bodies, The Other Boleyn Girl, and Showtime’s The Tudors, Anne has been having a twenty-first-century moment, but Bordo shows how many generations of polemicists, biographers, novelists, and filmmakers have imagined and reimagined Anne: whore, martyr, cautionary tale, proto–“mean girl,” feminist icon, and everything in between. Drawing on scholarship and razor-sharp analysis, Bordo probes the complexities of one of history’s most fascinating women, teasing out what we actually know about Anne Boleyn and what we think we know about her.


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