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Dantean Dialogues: Engaging with the Legacy of Amilcare Iannucci.pdf


Maggie Kilgour is Molson Professor of English Language and Literature in the Department of English at McGill University. Elena Lombardi is Paget Toynbee Lecturer in Italian Medieval Studies and a fellow of Balliol College at the University of Oxford.

PrefaceBibliography of works by Amilcare Iannucci (University of Toronto, Comparative Literature)List of ContributorsNote on Editions and AcknowledgementsChapter 1: Zygmunt G. Baranski (University of Cambridge, Italian) 'Lascio cotale trattato ad alto chiosatore': Form, Literature and Exegesis in Dante's Vita Nova Chapter 2: Teodolinda Barolini (Columbia University, Italian) A Cavalcantian Vita Nuova: Dante's Canzoni Lo doloroso amor che mi conduce and E' m'incresce di me si duramente Chapter 3: Robert Hollander (Princeton University, European Literature) Dante's Cato AgainChapter 4: Elena Lombardi (Jesus College Oxford, Italian) 'Che libido fe' licito in sua legge': Lust and Law, Reason and Passion in DanteChapter 5: Carolynn Lund-Mead (Independent scholar) The Vulgata in the Commedia: Self-Interpreting TextsChapter 6: Maggie Kilgour (McGill University, English) Dante's Ovidian DoublingChapter 7: Massimo Ciavolella (University of California Los Angeles, Italian) Esoteric Interpretations of the Divine Comedy Chapter 8: Piero Boitani (University of Rome, Comparative Literature) Ersed Irredent: The Irish Dante

Dantean Dialogues is a collection of essays by some of the most outstanding Dante scholars., These essays enter into conversation with the main themes of the scholarship of Amilcare Iannucci (d. 2007), one of the leading researchers on Dante of his generation and arguably Canada's finest scholar of the Italian poet.The essays focus on the major themes of Iannucci's work, including the development of Dante's early poetry, Dante's relation to classical and biblical sources, and Dante's reception. The contributors cover crucial aspects of Dante's work, from the authority of the New Life to the novelty of his early poetry, to key episodes in the Comedy, to the poem's afterlife. Together, the essays show how Iannucci's reading of central cruxes in Dante's texts continues to inspire Dante studies -- a testament to his continuing influence and profound intellectual legacy.


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