Toy Time!: From Hula Hoops to Heman to Hungry Hungry Hippos: A Look Back at the Most- Beloved Toys of Decades Past.pdf

Toy Time!: From Hula Hoops to Heman to Hungry Hungry Hippos: A Look Back at the Most- Beloved Toys of Decades Past.pdf


Christopher “The Toy Guy” Byrne is content director for, the leading U.S website covering toys and all things play.  Widely regarded as one of the toy industry’s leading experts, he appears regularly in the national media and speaks at major toy conferences throughout the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

Chapter 1: My Dolly and Me
Barbie (1959)
Chatty Cathy (1959)
Liddle Kiddles (1966)
Beautiful Crissy (1968)
Baby Alive (1973)
Rub-a-Dub Dolly (1973)
Strawberry Shortcake (1979)
Cabbage Patch Kids (1976 and 1983)
My Little Pony (1982)
Care Bears (1983)
Rainbow Brite (1983)
Chapter 2: Outdoors with That!
Wiffle Ball (1953)
Frisbee (1957)
Slip ’N Slide (1961)
Jingle Jump (1964), Lemon Twist (1976), and Skip-It
Super Ball (1965)
Big Wheel (1969)
Nerf Ball (1969)
The Green Machine (1975)
Chapter 3: Batteries Not Included
Mr. Machine (1960)
King Zor (1962)
Big Loo (1963)
Operation (1965)
Teddy Ruxpin (1985)
Simon (1978)
[CE1] Chapter 4: Mom, Look What I Made!
Colorforms (1951)
Play-Doh (1956)
Crayola 64 Crayons (1958)
Etch A Sketch (1960)
Vac-U-Form (1962)
Easy-Bake Oven (1963)
Creepy Crawlers Thingmaker (1964)
Spirograph (1967)
Lite-Brite [CE2] (1968)
DoodleArt [CE3] (1973)
Shrinky Dinks (1973)
Fashion Plates (1978)
Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine (1979)
Chapter 5: Gotta Have That!
Hula Hoops (1958)
Trolls (1959)
Wizzzers (1969)
Clackers (ca. 1970)
Pet Rock (1975)
Rubik’s Cube (1980)
POGs (1991)
Chapter 6: Boys Will Be Boys
Tonka Trucks (1947)
Matchbox Cars (1952)
Johnny Reb Cannon (1961)
Air Blaster (1963)
G.I. Joe (1964)
Johnny Seven O.M.A. (1964)
Major Matt Mason (1966)
Hot Wheels (1968)
SSP Racers (1970)
Six Million Dollar Man (1975)
Stretch Armstrong (1976)
Star Wars Action Figures (1977)
He-Man and Masters of the Universe (1981)
Transformers (1984)
MicroMachines (1986)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1988)
Chapter 7: For Two to Four Players
Nok Hockey (ca. 1942)
Cootie (1948)
Mouse Trap (1963)
Crazy Clock (1964)
Green Ghost (1965)
Mystery Date (1965)
Twister (1966)
Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots (1966)
Careful (1967)
Hands Down (1967)
Ker-Plunk (1968)
Uno (1971)
Dungeons and Dragons (1974)
Othello (1975)
Hungry Hungry Hippos (1978)
Trivial Pursuit (1982)
Chapter 8: The True Classics
LEGO (1932; arrived in the United States in 1961)
View-Master (1940)
Magic 8 Ball (1950)
Little People (1950)
Silly Putty (1950)
Mr. Potato Head (1952)
Gumby (1955)
Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm (1956)
Show’N Tell (ca. 1957)
Give-A-Show Projector (1959)
Thimble City (1964)
See ’N Say (1965)
Sit ’n Spin (1974)
Weebles (1971

What was your favorite childhood toy?

Do you have fond memories of fighting unseen enemies with your G.I. Joe action figures, demolishing fleets of vehicles with your Tonka Toy Trucks, or Karate-chopping imaginary street thugs with your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  

What about carefree summer afternoons counting ticks on your Skip-It, scooting around the neighborhood on your Big Wheel, or soaring down your backyard  Slip 'n Slide?

Still a little bitter that your parents never let you have a  Nerf Super Soaker, or a Barbie Dream House?

Did you prefer to unleash your inner artist with your Etch a Sketch, or your inner chef with your Easy-Bake Oven? D

id you like to challenge your friends to  a rousing game of Mousetrap, or did you prefer to get tied up in knots over a round of Twister?

In Toy Time! you’ll be reunited with all these classic toys and more.  No matter when you grew up, or what types of play ignited your imagination, Toy Time! will take you on a journey of rediscovery, allowing you to relive those carefree, innocent, and fun-filled days of childhood.

Charming, playful, and full of photos of vintage toys, Toy Time! is an exploration and celebration of the toys that roused our imaginations, shaped our memories, and touched our lives.


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