Epic Meal Time.pdf

Epic Meal Time.pdf


Harley Morenstein is a former substitute high school teacher from Montreal. He co-created Epic Meal Time with his friends, in his backyard.

Josh Elkin and Ameer Atari are always in the kitchen. They are heavily involved in the planning of meals and the purchasing of new kitchen equipment for episodes of Epic Meal Time.

Jackass meets Man vs. Food in this awe-inspiring and hilarious guide to extreme, artery-hostile cooking—based on the wildly popular YouTube cooking show (5.5 million subscribers).

Do you find yourself craving pizza loaded with KFC popcorn chicken, tacos, and onion rings? Or have a hankering for a six-patty hamburger buried under a mound of crispy bacon? If the answer is yes (or no), this hilarious and horrifying guide to epic eating is perfect for you.

Based on the Internet show of the same name, Epic Meal Time entertains fans by blowing their minds and clogging their arteries as only the creators of the show truly can. Learn from the masters, Harley Morenstein and his team, as they showcase their 5,800-calorie corn dog or explain how to prepare a Turbacon-epic—which involves a pig stuffed with six different meats—or a thirty-five gallon ice-cream sundae. Shocking, fascinating, and inspiring, Epic Meal Time celebrates the creation of high-calorie dishes of questionable taste.


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