The Ophelia Cut: A Novel.pdf

The Ophelia Cut: A Novel.pdf


" Smart, riveting, and utterly compelling, The Ophelia Cut has and an incredible cast of characters from whom you will not want to depart...hands-down the best legal thriller I have read in years and a perfect case study for why readers love the brilliant John Lescroart. ” (Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Black List)

"Nothing short of magic, dark and delicious.  The Ophelia Cut is the work of a master at the top of his game." (William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author of Trickster's Point)

“Bristling with red-hot suspense, The Ophelia Cut is the roller-coaster ride of a lifetime... You'll love this book." (Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Spies)

“An amazing page-turner, emotional, significant and  suspenseful. Lescroart has written his most gripping novel to date, one which sets a new standard. ” (M.J. Rose, internationally bestselling author)

“[A] tense and intricate tale. . . Lescroart is a master of legal suspense. . . The Ophelia Cut will be remembered more as a literary endeavor in the vein of Scott Turow than anything Lescroart has done.” (Associated Press)

“Lescroart is a master at building tension to a complicated climax that will satisfy both old and new readers alike.” (The Florida Times-Union)

"A nail-biting suspense yarn that's not to be missed." (Providence Journal)

John Lescroart is the author of twenty-four previous novels (sixteen New York Times bestsellers), including The 13th Juror, Damage, The Hunter, and The Ophelia Cut. His books have sold more than 10 million copies and have been translated into twenty-two languages in seventy-five countries. He lives in Northern California.

In this riveting New York Times bestselling novel from the “master of the legal thriller” (Chicago Sun-Times) John Lescroart, defense attorney Dismas Hardy tackles his most personal and complex case yet—defending his brother-in-law against murder charges.

Moses McGuire has good reason to be concerned about his twenty-three-year-old daughter, Brittany. Popular and pretty, she moves quickly from one boyfriend to the next and always seems to prefer a new and mysterious stranger to a man she already knows. But her most recent ex, Rick Jessup, isn’t willing to let her go, culminating in a horrific night when Brittany is raped.

Within twenty-four hours, Jessup is dead, McGuire is the prime suspect in the investigation, and Dismas Hardy has been hired to defend his longtime friend and brother-in-law. Complicating things further, McGuire has fallen off the wagon, and his stay in prison could bring to light old secrets that would destroy Hardy’s career. As the overwhelming evidence against McGuire piles up, Hardy focuses on planting doubt in the minds of the jurors—until, in a feat of legal ingenuity that is staggering in both its implications and its simplicity, Hardy sees a way forward that might just save them all. But at what price?

Once again, John Lescroart has penned a fascinating and masterful novel showcasing his extraordinary gift for storytelling. With a cast of flesh-and-blood characters, moral dilemmas, and long-lost secrets, Ophelia Cut is “smart, riveting, and utterly compelling” (#1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor).


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