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Robert Plumlee is a writer photographer, a photojournalist, whose works have appeared in numerous publications, including" Arizona Highways," "Outdoor Arizona," "Colorado Today," "Prospector Magazine" and "Aviation Weekly." He is a retired commercial pilot who flew numerous clandestine CIA covert flights in the 1950s through the1960s and into the late eighties.He is a service connected DAV and lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his partner and two lovely dogs.

Set in present-day Denver, Colorado this political thriller features former contract pilot and CIA operative, Will Pearson, who shows up for a court-ordered psychiatric appointment with Dr Yancey. During his appointment, Pearson recounts disturbing dreams of his adventures in America's most secretive black operations in Cuba, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Mexico. Will claims he was assigned to a secret military team that was sent to Dallas by the Pentagon in November 1963. Their objective was to stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Are Pearson's dreams real or the figments of an overwrought imagination? The seasoned psychiatrist, Dr Yancey, sceptical at first, gradually comes to believe his new patient. It also becomes clear that the psychiatrist is more than what he appears to be. Yancey's footprints run deep into the historical sandbox of the CIA and its sinister history. Some shadowy organizations do not want Pearson's dreams investigated. Scary figures, a fat man, and a black car follow Pearson, and Dr Yancey makes a strange phone call to the FBI after Pearson's second visit. Who or what is behind Pearson's court-ordered psychiatric visits, and more importantly, why? Does Will Pearson hold the secrets to the greatest conspiracy of the 20th Century? What will happen if he reveals those hidden secrets? Could it lead to the downfall of America's political structure? Could Will's confessions and the interruption of Will's dreams, transform American history? The psychiatric Dr Yancey, will he keep the secrets in trust, or...Deep Cover Shallow Graves is Will Pearson's incredible journey through a 'no-mans' land of government intrigue, espionage, and secret black operations. It is a fifty-year plus odyssey of how an old man found Truth, hidden within the dark shadows of his youth; and how finding that truth set him free.


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