The Resisters #4: Operation Inferno.pdf

The Resisters #4: Operation Inferno.pdf


ERIC NYLUND is a New York Times bestselling and World Fantasy Award­nominated author. He has written science fiction and fantasy novels and comic books, and he is director of narrative design for Microsoft Game Studios.

Million-copy bestselling Halo author and game developer Eric Nylund brings action-packed science fiction to a young audience with the fourth book in the Resisters series. As Ethan and the other Resisters explore Titan Base, they learn more about human technology prior to the alien Ch'zar's conquering of Earth. But before they can fully understand the weapons now at their disposal, the Ch'zar find their new base! The Resisters have just one chance left—if they can destroy the aliens' huge industrial complex, they can buy themselves some time. But to do it, they'll have to infiltrate the Ch'zar collective and risk being absorbed by the hive mind.


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