Lecture Notes - Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat.pdf

Lecture Notes - Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat.pdf


Preface Part 1: The Ear, Hearing and Balance 1 The ear: applied basic science 2 Clinical examination of the ear 3 Testing the hearing 4 Deafness 5 Conditions of the pinna 6 Conditions of the external auditory meatus 7 Otitis media 8 Acute otitis media 9 Chronic otitis media 10 Complications of middle-ear infection 11 Otitis media with effusion 12 Earache (otalgia) 13 Tinnitus 14 Balance disorders 15 Facial nerve paralysis Part 2: The Nose and Sinuses 16 Clinical examination of the nose and nasopharynx 17 The nasal septum 18 Acute nose and sinus infections 19 Tumours of the nose, sinuses and nasopharynx 20 Rhinitis and nasal polyps 21 Facial plastic surgery Part 3: The Head and Neck 22 Adenoids 23 The oropharynx and tonsils 24 Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome 25 The larynx: applied basic science and examination 26 Inflammatory disorders of the larynx 27 Head and neck cancer 28 Voice disorders 29 The pharynx and upper oesophagus 30 Tracheostomy 31 Diseases of the salivary glands 32 Neck lumps Part 4: ENT Emergencies 33 Injuries of the ear and temporal bone 34 Nasal emergencies 35 Airway obstruction 36 Airway obstruction in infants and children 37 Pharyngeal and oesophageal ingested foreign bodies 38 Neck trauma 39 Maxillofacial trauma Index


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