Ethical Leadership: Creating and Sustaining an Ethical Business Culture.pdf

Ethical Leadership: Creating and Sustaining an Ethical Business Culture.pdf



Andrew Leigh is a founder of Maynard Leigh Associates, a leading UK training and development company specializing in helping clients such as KPMG, Ernst & Young and Barclaycard achieve behavioral and cultural change, at the individual, team and corporate levels. He is also the author of "Charisma," "Leading the Way" and "Talent Management," all published by Prentice Hall.


The demand from society for organizations to be ethical and responsible is growing, and the cost of irresponsible behavior is often huge. Unethical action can dramatically affect the future of a company or destroy it all together.

"Ethical Leadership" shines a light on the role of both culture and ethics in organizations by making the issues more transparent, accessible and above all, connected. Business leaders are now accountable for showing that they have the correct ethical policies and culture in place. Cultural and behavioral change consultant Andrew Leigh focuses on the fact that ethical culture is manifest in the actual behavior and attitudes of all staff, rather than in policy documents.

While there are very few absolutes when it comes to ethics, there are clear ways to be a responsible leader, and "Ethical Leadership" is full of practical strategies, case studies and action points which will help leaders to improve and manage ethical culture in their organizations.


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