I Have a Friend.pdf

I Have a Friend.pdf


"'I Have a Friend' combines the love and respect of a mother with the creative power of her child's mind in that very early period of life when the mental boundaries between what adults call imagination and external reality are not yet firmly established. Would that we might all as children experience the kind of mothering that could help us to retain some of this capacity as adults, as Judith Inglese has so impressively done in this wonderful combination of understated narrative with truly beautiful artistic expression. This is a book with a moral lesson for parents every bit as powerful as its narrative fascination for children."Michael Robbins, MD, Psychoanalyst, former Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and UCSF, and author of "The Primordial Mind in Health and Illness: A Cross Cultural Perspective"

As bedtime approaches, Henry tells his mother all about his imaginary friend, Vladimir. Vladimir is from Iceland, but sometimes he lives right next door. He flies a plane, a hot air balloon and drives a tractor. His forklift is so powerful, it can even pick up a 60-pound turkey! "Does Vladimir have any pets?" asks Henry's mother. He has a rabbit named RABBIT and a talking bird named Charlie who can say "Pound Cake" and "Charlie Bird." His dog, Hoss, can run as fast as a car, but is afraid of thunder. Artist Judith Inglese's playful illustrations are as creative as Henry's imagination.


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