Improving the Performance of Wireless LANS: A Practical Guide.pdf

Improving the Performance of Wireless LANS: A Practical Guide.pdf


Introduction. Wireless Local Area Networks. Radio Propagation Characteristics. Wireless MAC Protocols. Wireless Routing Protocols. Cross-Layer Design. Improving WLAN Performance by Modifying MAC Protocols. Effect of Propagation Environments on WLAN Performance. Impact of AP Configuration on WLAN Performance. Performance of 802.11g in an Obstructed Office Space. Cross-Layer Design Optimization on WLAN Performance. Impact of Routing Protocols on WLAN Performance. Effect of Traffic Distribution on WLAN Performance. Combined Effect of Signal Strength and Traffic Type on WLAN Performance. Implications for System Planning and Deployment. Recent Developments in WLANs. Appendices. Glossary. References. Index.

While there are numerous books on wireless networks, very few actually quantify the key performance-limiting factors of wireless local area networks (WLANs) and describe the methods for improving WLAN performance. Fulfilling these needs, this book provides strategies and guidelines for improving WLAN performance. It includes the theoretical background and empirical results for the design and deployment of indoor WLAN systems. The author also identifies key factors influencing WLAN performance, covers various methods for improving WLAN performance, and offers guidelines for optimum system design and deployment.


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