Microchip Fabrication: A Practical Guide to Semiconductor Processing.pdf

Microchip Fabrication: A Practical Guide to Semiconductor Processing.pdf


Peter Van Zant is an internationally known semiconductor professional with an extensive background in process engineering, training, consulting, and writing. He is the principal of Peter Van Zant Associates, a firm that supplies writing, training, and consulting services to business and industry. Van Zant's books and training materials are used by chip manufacturers, industry suppliers, colleges, and universities. Peter Van Zant Associates' customers have included Intel, National Semiconductor, Applied Materials, Air Products and Chemicals, SCP Global Inc., and a number of educational institutions.

This fully updated introduction to semiconductor manufacturing offers a low-math, straightforward approach to the entire process, from raw materials through shipping the finished, packaged device. Microchip Fabrication: A Practical Guide to Semiconductor Processing, Sixth Edition provides you with a solid working knowledge of the important issues, processes, materials, and methods involved in semiconductor technology, whether on the subatomic level or in the context of large-scale industrial practices. This new edition features completely updated coverage of every stage of the semiconductor process, from raw material preparation to packaging and testing to traditional and state-of-the-art technologies. All technical chapters are self-contained units covering an individual topic, organized in three steps: purpose of the process; basic science or technology; current process technologies used to accomplish the desired outcome.Filled with detailed illustrations and real-world examples, the book is unique in its presentation of the basic and advanced manufacturing processes, using clear and easily understood descriptions. It is the industry's most novice-friendly text, and is used internationally for training, teaching, and vocational-technical programs. New updates reflect the state-of-the-art processes currently being used in the industry: The move to 450mm wafers New lithography processes and chemical formulations required for nanometer resolution An update of the Technology Road Map An update on deposited materials Factory automation


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