Gotuhbed Plays Hookey: A Possum Squat Tale.pdf

Gotuhbed Plays Hookey: A Possum Squat Tale.pdf


Lucianne DeLong was born and bred in the "Boonies" of the Deep South, and the experiences of her childhood seem to be completely foreign to most everyone. As a young girl, she bucked hay, cleaned chicken houses, and dressed hogs for five dollars a day--a long day. The mother of five children and an entrepreneur, Lucianne loves working with kids of all ages. As a private tutor for decades, she found that when she talked to her students about her childhood experiences, they were always extremely fascinated. In fact, they were in awe of them. Hence the birth of Possum Squat, an enchanting series of children's books about a culture that is quite unknown and misunderstood.

Little Aiden Snookums -- who is lovingly nicknamed Gotuhbed -- is a good boy, and he usually does the right thing. But gosh and darn it all! Sometimes the idea of fun just simply outweighs the thought of work. So it was this cold winters morning for Gotuhbed, and his day ends up a bit different than he imagined it would!


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