Trucos of the Palate: Scientific Cuisine Demystified.pdf

Trucos of the Palate: Scientific Cuisine Demystified.pdf


Molecular Gastronomy: Scientific Cuisine Demystified aims to demystify the intriguing and often mysterious world of cooking that we call molecular gastronomy, or "Avangard Nueva Cocina", as Ferran Adria has called it. This texts provides thereaders with the crucial knowledge of the ingredients used to execute the fundamental step-by-step techniques provided.This text is written for readers hoping to to expand their skills into this area. Molecular Gastronomy focuses on how to get startedand discover this way of cooking, especially if readers do nothave the opportunity to stage in any of the leadingvenues where this concept is being applied to the menu.It provides a foundation for experimenting with and, most importantly, understanding new and exciting ingredients and cooking techniques.


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