Success as a Coach: Start and Build a Successful Coaching Practice.pdf

Success as a Coach: Start and Build a Successful Coaching Practice.pdf



Stephen Newton has worked as a business coach and consultant since 2001, when he established his business, DLO Associates. He enables clients to implement effective strategy and enhance bottom line results. His focus is leadership development, operational management, and communication. He is currently working with Meyler Campell, a business coach training organization which runs a Business Development Bootcamp. He is also the author of "The Professionals Guide to Business Development," published by Kogan Page.


A 2012 survey from the International Coach Federation (ICF) reported that globally, median annual revenues for coaches in 2011 were $25,000 (i.e. one half of coaches earned less than that amount). "Success as a Coach" sets out to help non-business oriented professionals develop their private practice.

Stephen Newton provides a field-tested approach that covers the right skills, characteristics and training needed for business growth and success. With an emphasis on finding the right clientele, "Success as a Coach" covers: extending a professional network; planning and running meetings; delivering value for the client; calculating fees; structuring and delivering sessions; structuring the business; strategic client leadership and systematically growing a business.


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