Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging: Thermal Packaging Configurations Set 2.pdf

Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging: Thermal Packaging Configurations Set 2.pdf


Single Chip Packages; Printed Circuit Board Arrays; Multichip Modules; Racks; Cabinets.

Packaging, the physical design and implementation of electronic systems is responsible for much of the progress in miniaturization, reliability and functional density achieved by the full range of electronic, microelectronic and nanoelectronic products during the past several decades. The inherent inefficiency of electronic devices and their sensitivity to heat have placed thermal management on the critical path of nearly every organization dealing with traditional electronic product development, as well as emerging, product categories. Successful thermal packaging is the key differentiator in electronic products, from cell phones to supercomputers, and continues to be of critical importance in the refinement of traditional products and in the development of products for new applications. "The Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging", compiled into four 5-volume sets ("Thermal Packaging Techniques", "Thermal Packaging Configurations", "Thermal Packaging Tools" and "Thermal Packaging Applications"), will provide comprehensive, one-stop treatment of the techniques, configurations, tools and applications of electronic thermal packaging. Each volume in a set comprises 250-350 pages and is written by world experts in thermal management of electronics.


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