The Responsive Web.pdf

The Responsive Web.pdf


AUTHOR BIO Matthew Carver is a front-end developer and web designer. As an early adopter of responsive web practices, Matthew has unique insight and experience in the processes and design techniques required to bring a successful responsive website into fruition.

DESCRIPTION In a world of mobile devices, new browsers, and changing standards each page of a website can require an unmanageably-large number of separate designs. The emerging practice of responsive web design employs techniques that allow a single page to efficiently adapt to whatever device or platform loads it. This means shorter deployment times, more maintainable sites and applications, more consistent presentation, and happier users. The Responsive Web is an easy-to-read introduction to responsive web design packed with instantly-useful tips and techniques and dozens of examples that show exactly how to benefit from this valuable approach. It covers innovative ways to use what readers already know along with design techniques using new HTML5 and CSS3 features. It also gives strategies to balance apps and websites, manage browser incompatibilities, and know when multiple versions are the best option. RETAIL SELLING POINTS Easy-to-read introduction Conception to launch of a fully responsive website Comprehensive and concise overview of device agonistic web AUDIENCE Base level knowledge of CSS and HTML is assumed, though for designer purposes, only a remote understanding of the two is needed. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY The responsive web is a new way of thinking about web design and development. A responsive web site is one that uses a single URL for mobile, tablet, and desktop sites.


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