iOS Game App Design: Create Great Games by Better Design.pdf

iOS Game App Design: Create Great Games by Better Design.pdf


The most successful iOS games for iPhone and iPad are the ones with the backbone of a great game design behind them, and that are designed for the mobile experience. From designing your stories, plots, and game controls, through to clever interface design, this 80-page book shows you how to make great games by skillful design. The App Store is a beast that is getting tougher and tougher to crack. Larger and larger budgets are creeping in, and it is harder then ever to build the next Angry Birds. It seems like everyone is trying to build that next big thing. But who is really winning? The games that are winning aren't the prettiest. They don't have the most usable interfaces. They aren't always bug or crash free. They don't seem to be doing anything by the book when it comes to great game creation. This book show you how to win through skillful designs for your Apps. The winners on the App Store aren't necessarily the ones with the biggest budget, the most experienced designers, or the most captivating art. It's the games with the backbone of a great game design that is built for the mobile experience. Small design decisions (device orientations, button placement, tap and hold controls) have a huge impact on the final success of the game. Learn to find them and fix them early in your design process. Start designing your games for mobile first, and be a winner. What you'll learn * How to focus design from the beginning on proven mobile game mechanics * How to avoid common game design biases for other markets (PC, Web, Console) * Spotting key design decisions and know how they impact the success of your game * How to build addictive habits with your users to keep them coming back * Learn to measure the success and adapt quickly to what your users are doing * Hard and fast rules on Interface and Game Control which will keep your game on track for being mobile friendly Who this book is for This short book is for current App developers and for those game designers and developers looking into app design and development wanting to see how an iOS game app is designed for iPhone and iPad.


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