Liquefaction Around Marine Structures.pdf

Liquefaction Around Marine Structures.pdf


Introduction; Physics of Liquefaction Processes in the Marine Environment; Biot Equations; Mathematical Modelling of Liquefaction (Residual and Momentary Liquefaction); Assessment of Liquefaction Potential; Floatation of Buried Pipelines in Liquefied Soils; Liquefaction Underneath Marine Gravity Structures under Waves; Other Benchmark Cases; Counter Measures (Including Cover Stones); Earthquake Induced Liquefaction Around Marine Structures.

This book, whose primary aim is to describe liquefaction processes and their implications for marine strucutres such as pipelines, sea outfalls, quay walls and caisson breakwaters, discusses the subject of soil liqeufaction in the marine environment. In addition, the physics of liquefaction (including examples illustrating the catastrophic consequences of soil liquefaction with regard to marine structures) are described, and the mathematical modelling of liqeufaction is treated in detail. Also, carefully selected numerical examples support the discussion of assessing liquefaction potential, and benchmark cases such as buried gas pipelines and their floatation, caisson breakwaters, cover stones and their interaction with liquefied soil along with counter measures are investigated.


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