"Few writers blend mystery and the supernatural as well as Sarah Pinborough, but there are none who do it better. Quite, quite brilliant."—John Connolly

"Pinborough’s fiction moves at a breakneck pace. Once you start, you can’t stop." —Sarah Langan

"She rides the line between gritty realism and otherworldly weirdness without ever toppling over." —SFX

Sarah Pinborough was once a teacher, but now writes full-time. She is developing an original horror screenplay, Cracked, and her supernatural crime series, The Dog-Faced Gods, for TV. She lives in West London.

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                                                                   ABOUT YOU
Date: 2 April 13
Full name (as it should appear on the book jacket and title page):
Sarah Pinborough
12a The Common
W5 3TR
Home telephone:       07747630134                                  Office telephone:
Facsimile:                                                       E-mail address:
Website                   Twitter address: @SarahPinborough                                
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Title and subject of your forthcoming book:

A historical crime alternate reality investigating the Thames Torso murders and set against the backdrop of the Jack the Ripper killings.

Date of birth: 28/03/72                  Place of birth:            England                      Citizenship: UK
Name of spouse: None
Name and ages of children: None
Brief summary of education (or attach a CV):
Private boarding school till 18
BA (Eng/History)
PGCE English
Brief summary of jobs, professions, and other activities (or attach a CV):
Teacher, nightclub/stripclub manager, barmaid, business troubleshooter (went into businesses and turned them round to be sold on). And so many others...;-)
Are you active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads? If so which ones? If possible, please provide any relevant screen names:
Facebook – Sarah Pinborough
Twitter - @sarahpinborough
                                                           ABOUT YOUR WORK
Books previously published: Please give title, publisher, date of publication and sales figures if at all possible.  Information on paperback and foreign editions is also appreciated if you can supply it.
Upcoming books 2013:
A MATTER OF BLOOD – US edition (Ace April 2 2013)
MAYHEM April 2013, Jo Fletcher Books
POISON April 2013, Gollancz
CHARM July 2013 Gollancz
BEAUTY October 2013 Gollancz
THE LANGUAGE OF DYING 2013, Jo Fletcher Books
Published to date:
The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy:
Book1: A Matter of Blood, 2010 Gollancz
Book2: The Shadow of the Soul, 2011 Gollancz
Book3: The Chosen Seed, 2012 Gollancz
The Nowhere Chronicles (under name Sarah Silverwood)
Book 1: The Double-Edged Sword, 2010 Gollancz
Book2: The Traitor’s Gate, 2011 Gollancz
Book3: The London Stone, 2012 Gollancz
Into the Silence, 2009, BBC Books
Long Time Dead, 2011, BBC Books
Feeding Ground, 2009, Leisure Books
Tower Hill, 2008, Leisure Books
The Taken, 2007, Leisure Books
Breeding Ground, 2006, Leisure Books
The Reckoning, 2005, Leisure Books
The Hidden, 2004, Leisure Books
Short stories can be found in many anthologies including several best ofs….
TV: New Tricks season 9 Old School Ties
If your work has appeared in magazines or other publications, please list them here and give us the date on which your work appeared:
I don't know all the dates etc! Sorry!
Please give us a brief description of your book (about 250 words):
When a rotting torso is discovered in the vault of New Scotland Yard, it doesn’t take Dr Thomas Bond, Police Surgeon, long to realise that there is a second killer at work in the city where, only a few days before, Jack the Ripper brutally murdered two women in one night.
But though just as gruesome, this is the hand of a colder killer, one who lacks Jack’s emotion.
Dr Bond, plagued by insomnia and an unshakable sense of foreboding, has begun to spend his sleepless nights in a drug-induced haze in the opium dens down by the docks. He’s not the only man who looks like he doesn’t belong there: there is a stranger, a man in a long black coat, who spends his nights studying the addicts as they dream.
As more headless and limbless torsos find their way into the Thames and Dr Bond becomes obsessed with finding the killer he begins to suspect the stranger might be the key. As his investigations lead him into an unholy alliance, he starts to wonder: is it a man who has brought mayhem to the streets of London, or a monster?

List citations, prizes, and honors you have received:
The 2009 winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Short Story
2010 British Fantasy Award for Best Novella
Three time short-listed for British Fantasy Award for Best Novel.
Short-listed for a World Fantasy Award for best short story.
Short listed for the Shirley Jackson award for best novella.
Please list and describe briefly any relevant books that might compete with - or complement - your new book:
I'm sorry, can't answer that one!
                                                  MARKETING AND PROMOTION
Please list influential people whom we could contact for a blurb or endorsement on your book before it’s published:
John Connolly
Michael Marshall
Val McDermid
Mark Billingham
Simon Kernick
Neil Gaiman
Probably more but my brain is struggling...
List well-known people who have an interest in your topic who might receive complimentary copies of the book in order to spread word of its publication (addresses, if you have them, are appreciated):
Critics, feature writers, and radio or television commentators of your acquaintance or with an interest in your...

Mayhem is a masterwork of narrative suspense: a supernatural thriller set in a shadowy, gaslit London, where monsters stalk the cobbled streets and hide in plain sight.

A new killer is stalking the streets of London’s East End. Though newspapers have dubbed him "the Torso Killer", this murderer’s work is overshadowed by the hysteria surrounding Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel crimes.

The victims are women too, but their dismembered bodies, wrapped in rags and tied up with string, are pulled out of the Thames--and the heads are missing. The murderer likes to keep them.


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