Sustainability Appraisal: A Sourcebook and Reference Guide to International Experience.pdf

Sustainability Appraisal: A Sourcebook and Reference Guide to International Experience.pdf


Barry Dalal-Clayton is Director for Strategies, Planning and Assessment at IIED, author of Sustainable Development Strategies (2002) and co-author, with Sadler, of Strategic Environmental Assessment (2005). Barry Sadler is an Environmental Impact Assessment Advisor to UNEP, contributor to Assessing Impact (2004) and co-editor of Handbook of SEA (2007)..

Part 1: Introduction and Approaches to Sustainability Appraisal Introduction. Sustainability Appraisal Frameworks and Approaches Part 2: Dimensions of Sustainability Environmental Assessment for Sustainability Assurance. Economics-based Approaches. Social Assessment Approaches. Integrated Assessment Part 3: Strategies and Processes for Sustainability Part 4: Land Use and Natural Resource-based Instruments. Business and Industry Approaches for Sustainability Assessment. Trade Applications. Urban, Municipal and Community Applications. Global Sector-wide Approaches Part 5: International Institutional Arrangements Developed Countries. Development Cooperation. Transitional Countries. Developing Countries Part 6: Retrospect and Prospect Conclusions and Recommendations. Bibliography. Annexes. Index

Sustainability Appraisal is a state-of-the-art analysis of the status and scope of Sustainability Appraisal/Assessment (SA), drawing on a wealth of international experiences and approaches. This comprehensive guide highlights how SA can be used to integrate the key environmental, social and economic pillars of sustainability into decision-making at all levels, from policy to project to investment, by government, business and industry, or international organizations. Distilling both published and unpublished materials, as well as in-depth workshop discussions and contributions from a range of leading experts, organizations and agencies, this book will be of significant value to professionals everywhere who are in need of a solid, practical guide to what constitutes SA and, more importantly, how and when it can be applied.


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