A Woman's Guide to Understanding Male Body Language: How to Detect, Decipher, and Understand the Unspoken Language of Men.pdf

A Woman's Guide to Understanding Male Body Language: How to Detect, Decipher, and Understand the Unspoken Language of Men.pdf



Feel like you need a translator to understand what the man in your life is thinking? According to a recent study, men are less likely to communicate their thoughts and emotions through the spoken word and more likely to communication through actions. For a woman, this can be frustrating. Women are biologically more likely to communicate openly and express feelings through words, so they expect their partners to do the same. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or have just met your guy and are having trouble deciphering his intentions, this tell-all guide will help you determine whether he's ready to take the next step or already looking for his next fling.

Fortunately, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard University, women are more likely to be perceptive toward body language than men. With your "woman's intuition" and this book in hand, you will grasp what the male body is trying to tell you. This guide will provide helpful information about the biological workings of the male mind, explaining the basics of how he typically expresses his feelings -- and yes, all men do have feelings, even if they are hidden under a macho persona. A Woman's Guide to Understanding Male Body Language will help you understand the basics of nonverbal communication, allowing you to gauge important information crucial to the survival of your relationship. By deciphering the unspoken language of men, you will pick up on clues about his personality and feelings toward you and your relationship.

You will master the tools needed to understand your guy's posture, gestures, facial expressions, and touch and how to use these cues as insight into the male mind. For example, did you know that if a man fidgets in his chair during an important conversation, it might mean that something's not quite right? And if he talks with his hands, he will most likely communicate well in a committed relationship? This book is divided into chapters that correspond with the stage of your relationship. Find out what his stance and smile mean upon a first meeting. When dating, if your guy extends his palm to you, it may mean he's ready to connect on a deeper level. Studies have shown that human brains have a specific area in which they process hand gestures, so picking up on movements of his hands and arms is instinctual. If you're in a long-term relationship, walking in sync can send signals of friendship as well as romantic involvement. You will determine if your relationship is in a downward spiral. If he's looking elsewhere while you're talking to him, he may be uninterested in what you have to say. If he clenches his fists while having a heated discussion, he may be angry or holding back strong feelings.

We have spent hundreds of hours interviewing body-language experts, behavioral psychologists, and men who can give you the real scoop on what your guy is feeling, even if he won't tell you. Whether you're happily involved or in a rocky relationship, deciphering your man's body language is essential for staying happy or happily moving on.


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