Fluid and Electrolyte Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide.pdf

Fluid and Electrolyte Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide.pdf


Tab 1. Fluid Imbalances; Tab 2. IV Fluid Replacement; Tab 3. Sodium and Chloride Imbalances; Tab 4. Potassium and Magnesium Imbalances; Tab 5. Calcium and Phosphate Imbalances; Tab 6. Acid-Base Imbalance; Tab 7. Appendices; Tab 8. Index.

This handy pocket guide provides the crucial coverage you need to quickly recall the signs, symptoms, and treatments of common fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base imbalances. Its simple and direct approach makes an often challenging subject easier to understand and its easy-to-use format and on-the-job durability make it the perfect reference for any setting. Key features: eight color-coded tabs including a detailed index that make accessing critical information quick and easy; explanations of the different types of IV fluids and their actions/effects on the body; information on how to start, maintain, and troubleshoot IVs, eliminating the need to reach for additional references; NCLEX alerts to draw attention to frequently-tested NCLEX topics; and, consistent organization of each tab to make reference easy.


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