Writer Paul Jenkins is writer well known to creating comic projects that slip effortlessly into other media.
Artists Stellar Labs have been illustrating top titles for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, IDW, Image and Top Cow.

An exciting graphic novel series for fans of both graphic novels and music!

TomorrowLand is the biggest DJ festival in Europe. Over 2 million people vie to get the 60 thousand tickets available for the show. They sell in 1 hour every year.

There are two worlds in front of our eyes – the world we see, and the one we sense.
The world we see is a harsh place: we are divided by wars and political extremism, religious fundamentalism and the pursuit of money. The world we sense is the one that hides in plain sight: look at it just so and you’ll see it in your peripheral vision, moving, vibrant. It’s a world that we feel, where art and music and science are intertwined, where the written word is a powerful tool of creation.
In these two worlds, we are all two people: we each carry two avatars – one connected to destruction and one connected to creation. That is the way of the universe. As Robert Stevenson once said, “All men are two men.”
But what we don’t know is that creation and destruction wage an eternal war for the energy we carry inside us.
And it is a war that we are rapidly losing…


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