egghead's Guide to Algebra.pdf

egghead's Guide to Algebra.pdf


The third book in Peterson's NEW series of guides for visual learners, this volume covers basic algebra topics that are essential for success on standardized tests. egghead's Guide to Algebra can also be used in tandem with Peterson's egghead's Guide to Geometry, as it teaches critical algebra skills necessary for solving geometry problems. Topics include variables & constants, terms & expressions, equations, binomials & polynomials, inequalities, and word problems. Students who need help with the basics will find that egghead's Guide to Algebra offers just what they need to be able to score high in school, on the GED, and on college entrance exams.

  • egghead's tips and advice for improving algebra skills
  • Ideal subject review for students taking the SAT, ACT, and GED exams
  • Foundational learning for students who need basic and remedial instruction
  • Dozens of sample exercises and solutions with helpful tips and strategies
  • Easy-to-follow lessons with fun graphics that provide essential information to help those who learn visually


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