Organometallics in Synthesis: Third Manual.pdf

Organometallics in Synthesis: Third Manual.pdf


List of Contributors VII Preface IX Organoalkali Chemistry 1 219 Manfred Schlosser Organomagnesium and Organozink Chemistry 221 Paul Knochel Organosilicium and Organotin Chemistry Tamejiro Hiyama Organoiron Chemistry Hans-Joachim Knolker Organopalladium Chemistry Stefan Brase

Organometallics in Synthesis: A Manual, Third Edition is an essential resource for all synthetic organic chemists. The content and topics covered are completelynew from the Second Edition, with aneye towards providing the most useful and practical reference on organometallics for practicing researchers. Background information about the organometallic class, the various methods to prepare organometallic compounds, and their use in synthetic reactions are coupled with mechanistic considerations and future research opportunities for each organometallic class. Interspersed throughout are hands-on, practical examples of the preparation of organometallics and their applications in organic synthesis - these are easy to follow with a recipe-like format, all thoroughly referenced to the primary literature.


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