Everyday Entrepreneur: Making It Happen.pdf

Everyday Entrepreneur: Making It Happen.pdf


Fred Dawkins is a successful entrepreneur with experience in manufacturing, retail, land development, and import/export. Co-founder of the Olde Hide House, a leather goods store, Dawkins holds a Bachelor's degree in commerce and finance, a Master's degree in economics, and the W.E. Rundle gold medal. He lives in Guelph, Ontario.

If you are dreaming about starting your own business, entrepreneur Fred Dawkins can help you identify what it takes to set up on your own and succeed. In Everyday Entrepreneur, you will meet three individuals who all have entrepreneurial aspirations. The first is Tim, whose career is stagnating, despite having a good job. Tim has developed some software that could form the basis of his own business, but he can't make the decision whether or not to set up on his own. Terry, a childhood friend, steers Tim into a class on entrepreneurship conducted by a mysterious person named Sam. The class includes two others -- Grace, in her mid-thirties, and Mike, who is twenty-something. Sam invites his three students to learn to become entrepreneurs over a period of twelve days. By focusing on the qualities of a successful entrepreneur and by relying on a wide range of anecdotes, he cleverly leads all three to make important decisions about their future. Fred Dawkins's practical insights and advice can help you identify your own strengths and empower you to strike out as an entrepreneur -- and make your dream a reality.


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