Wavelets and Fractals in Earth System Sciences.pdf

Wavelets and Fractals in Earth System Sciences.pdf


Introduction to Wavelets and Fractals. Construction of Wavelets: Principles and Practice. The Genesis of Wavelet Transform: Types and Applications. Multiscale Processing-A Boon for Self-Similar Data, Data Compression, Singularities and Noise Removal. Fractals and Wavelets in Applied Geophysics with Some Examples. Role of Multifractal Studies in Earthquake Prediction. Geomagnetic Jerks: A Study Using Complex Wavelets. Paleoclimatic Time Series: A Comparison of Wavelets with Other Methods. Unraveling Nonstationary Behavior in Temperature Anomaly and Tree-Ring Data: A Wavelet Perspective. Phase-Field Modeling of the Evolution of Solid-Solid and Solid-Liquid Boundaries: Fourier and Wavelet Implementations. Index.

Although the applications of wavelets and fractals have increased in scientific and technological fields, including the earth sciences, there are few books devoted to the use of these techniques in the geosciences. This book highlights the role of advanced data processing techniques in current earth system science research. It covers applications of fractals, multifractals, and wavelets that address challenging problems in the earth sciences. It focuses on the continuous wavelet transform technique and uses examples to explain the differences between the wavelet method and other conventional signal processing techniques.


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