One Big Happy Family: Heartwarming Stories of Animals Caring for One Another.pdf

One Big Happy Family: Heartwarming Stories of Animals Caring for One Another.pdf



Praise for "Dogs of Courage"

"This is the perfect stocking-stuffer for the dog lover on your list." --"Hudson Valley News"

"A celebration of the many ways service dogs help humans. . . . Will give dog enthusiasts plenty of reinforcement for the assertion that dogs are man's best friend." --"Kirkus Reviews"

"Lisa Rogak delivers another excellent book! . . . If you're looking for a book full of feel-good stories - look no further. Rogak will warm your heart with her numerous 'tails' of canine heroism." --"The Examiner"

Praise for "Dogs of War"

"A book that will fascinate dog lovers and lovers of the military...It's inspiring and beautifully written." --"The Examiner"

""The Dogs of War" documents the real-life valor of canine warriors. Rogak is to be commended for the book's encyclopedic scope and rich historical detail." --"The Washington Post "

"Canine heroism is eloquently celebrated in Lisa Rogak's "The Dogs of War"." --"Hudson Valley News"

"Lisa Rogak's "The Dogs of War" sheds light on why the dog, more than any other animal, holds a special place in our history, and our hearts. The most comprehensive book I have ever read on the subject of military dogs, it exemplifies the indomitable spirit of the dog itself, ever selfless, loyal to a fault." --Steve Duno, author of "Last Dog on the Hill"


Lisa Rogak is the author of "The Dogs of War: The Courage, Love, and Loyalty of Military Working Dogs;""The Dogs of Courage: The Heroism and Heart of Working Dogs Around the World;" and editor of the "New York Times-"bestselling "Barack Obama in His Own Words, "among many other books.


Inspiring, True Tales of Interspecies Adoption

"One Big Happy Family" tells the heartwarming stories of animals who have reached out to save the lives of babies from other species and raise them as their own. Whether it's the border collie and his piglets, the cat and her ducklings, the orangutan and his lion cubs, or even the Labrador and her baby hippo, these are poignant, charming tales of animals who have felt the parental instinct and cared for little ones of every stripe.

Filled with adorable photos of these baby animals and their foster moms and dads, Lisa Rogak's "One Big Happy Family" celebrates the intimacy and emotional connections of parenthood and the amazing miracle of interspecies adoption.


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