Intelligence 101.pdf

Intelligence 101.pdf



  • Why does intelligence continue to fascinate us?
  • What is the difference between intelligence and intelligences?
  • What are some common beliefs about intelligence?
  • Where is the study of intelligence heading?

    Intelligence has been among the most controversial constructs in all of the social sciences. The answer to the question "What is intelligence" has tremendous implications for how one views the relationships between mind, education, and society. Is intelligence one general trait or a host of multi-faceted abilities? Are racial and socioeconomic differences in intelligence evidence of nature or nurture? Is intelligence innate or is it malleable?

    This volume provides a highly accessible introduction to the many facets of human intelligence, with careful presentation of the wide range of theories and perspectives, past and present, regarding this complex subject. The book also includes a section on Additional Resources that have been culled by the author over 10 years while building his popular "History of Intelligence Theory and Testing "website. It will be an ideal text for students of psychometrics, intellectual assessment, intelligence testing, and psychological testing and measurement. The Psych 101 Series

    Short, reader-friendly introductions to cutting-edge topics in psychology. With key concepts, controversial topics, and fascinating accounts of up-to-the-minute research, "The Psych 101" Series is a valuable resource for all students of psychology and anyone interested in the field.

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