Advanced Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration.pdf

Advanced Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration.pdf


Bill Calkins owns and runs Pyramid Consulting, a computer and training firm that implements and administers open systems. He is also principal owner and developer of, which provides Solaris certification study and training materials to 4,000+ registered members. Calkins has 20+ years of experience in UNIX system administration, consulting, and training at more than 100 different companies. He has authored several best-selling UNIX textbooks used by universities and training organizations worldwide, has consulted with Oracle and Sun on their certification exams, and has written questions for the Solaris sysadmin exams.

1. The Solaris Network Environment 2. Virtual File Systems, Swap Space and System Dumps 3. Networked File Systems 4. Managing Storage Volumes (SVM) 5. Configuring Access and System Messaging 6. Naming Services (NIS, DNS, LDAP) 7. Automated Installer 8. Live Upgrade and Boot Environment

Oracle Solaris 11 enterprise sysadmins: master the advanced techniques you need to manage the increased complexity of today's highly integrated, often heterogeneous systems, and to drive maximum performance, manageability, and value from your Solaris and enterprise technology investments. In Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration, long-time Oracle Solaris expert Bill Calkins systematically addresses every advanced topic on the latest Solaris sysadmin exam, showing how to apply this knowledge on both SPARC and x86 hardware in today's fast-changing data center environments. Calkins guides you through managing Solaris 11 network environments...setting up RAID metadevices with SVM...configuring ZFS storage pools and file systems...configuring and administering Solaris zones and containers...administering VFS and swap space...creating and managing user and Role-Based Access Accounts (RBAC)...installing, cloning, and upgrading the operating system, and much more. For Oracle Solaris professionals preparing to certify or upgrade their certifications, Calkins provides these and other valuable study tools: chapter-opening quick references; chapter summaries; lists of key terms; exercises; review questions with detailed answers; notes, cautions; exam alerts; and a complete sample exam. Calkins offers even more study resources at his popular website,


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