Public Management and Governance.pdf

Public Management and Governance.pdf


Tony Bovaird is Professor of Public Management and Policy at the University of Birmingham, UK Elke Loffler is Chief Executive of Governance International - a nonprofit organization which works with agencies of the public sector

Part 1: From Public Management to Governance 1. Understanding Public Management and Governance 2. The Changing Context of Public Policy: Local, National and International Trends 3. The Size and Scope of the Public Sector 4. Public Management Reforms Across OECD Countries Part 2: Public Management 5. Strategic Management in Public Sector Organizations 6. Marketing in Public Sector Organizations 7. Contracting for Public Services 8. Financial Management in Public Sector Organizations 9. Human Resource Management in Public Sector Organizations 10. Organization Design and Culture: From Weber to Blond 11. Managing ICTs and Social Media in Public Services 12. Performance Measurement and Management in Public Sector Organizations 13. Quality Management in Public Sector Organizations 14. Process Management in Public Sector Organizations 15. Scrutiny, Inspection and Audit in the Public Sector Part 3: Governance in the Public Sector 16. Public Governance in a Network Society 17. Democratic Governance: The Role of Politics and Politicians 18. Partnership Working in the Public Domain 19. Decentralised Management: Agencies and 'Arms Length' Bodies 20. Managing Networks for Innovation and Service Transformation 21. Public Leadership 22. Engaging with Citizens and other Stakeholders 23. Co-Production with Users and Communities 24. Transparency, Accountability and the 'Dark Side' of the Public Sector 25. Changing Equalities: Politics, Policies and Practice 26. Ethics and Standards of Conduct 27. Evidence-based Policy and Practice Part 4: !and Finally 28. Public Management and Governance: The Future?

The business of managing public services has changed radically in recent years and enforced austerity is likely to make these changes even more profound. This new edition of Public Management and Governance is expanded and includes new perspectives to bring the subject into the post global financial crisis era. Although popular features are retained, the new edition benefits from some reforms including: a reinforcement of international themes across the whole book discussions of the new realities of coalition politics in times of change new material on policy transfer the role of the private sector as well as social enterprise and mutualized / cooperative forms of organization. A whole parade of pedagogical features are employed in this refreshing new edition, including: more short case studies and examples, more practitioner perspectives, valuable further reading suggestions and end of chapter discussion questions and exercises. The result is a rejuvenated textbook which will be essential reading on public management and administration courses across the world.


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