The Routledge Intermediate Brazilian Reader.pdf

The Routledge Intermediate Brazilian Reader.pdf


Introduction. How to use this book. Texts: 1. Redacao Adriana Falcao 2. Papai esta namorando Carlos Herculano Lopes 3. Bellini e os Espiritos Tony Bellotto 4. De tudo um pouco Dodo Azevedo 5. Lola e Nina Beatriz Bracher 6. Nos anos a.I. (antes da Internet) Moacyr Scliar 7. Quem ama, cuida Lya Luft 8. A Heranca Ricardo Ramos 9. Reflexos e reflexoes / Nostalgia ou perda real? Pablo Villaca 10. Ed Mort vai longe Luis Fernando Verissimo 11. Mare nostrum Cintia Moscovich 12. Meu sonho Alcione Araujo 13. Conversa Livia Garcia-Roza 14. Ponto Colorido Joao Anzanello Carrascoza 15. Olhares Maria Valeria Rezende 16. Guia Politicamente Incorreto da Historia do Brasil Leandro Narloch 17. Chove sobre minha infancia Miguel Sanches Neto 18. Diva Martha Medeiros 19. Rio e Sao Paulo, duas arrogantes Alex Castro 20. Budapeste Chico Buarque. Key to exercises. Bibliography. Glossary

The Routledge Intermediate Brazilian Reader is a comprehensive reader aimed at intermediate level students of Brazilian Portuguese. The aim is to provide a structured language teaching resource that is enjoyable and stimulating for learners, but that also provides meaningful cultural contexts. This Brazilian Reader consists of twenty readings graded on the basis of complexity of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. It presents a range of different text types which give a good representation of contemporary Brazilian writing, including fiction and non-fiction by some of Brazil's most prominent and popular authors. Key features include: vocabulary lists for quick reference reading comprehension questions exercises to learn and review important vocabulary focus on idiomatic expressions full answer key to vocabulary and idiom exercises Portuguese-English glossary at the back Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Intermediate Brazilian Reader is an essential tool for facilitating vocabulary learning and increasing reading proficiency.


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