The Box.pdf

The Box.pdf


Damian Loeb is a world-renowned artist known for his voyeuristic representational paintings. Simon Hammerstein, as well as the heir to one of the most recognizable and esteemed theater families, is also the creator and the mastermind of the Box in New York and London as well as The Act in Las Vegas.

Artist Damian Loeb 'documents' the exclusive experience of a night at The Box; offering up his vision of the exhibitionism, humiliation and raw talent showcased nightly at the decades most notorious burlesque club. In his first book of photography, Damian Loeb creates a tantalizing artifact; exclusively documenting THE BOX— a vaudevillian burlesque night club experience that is the wildly successful brainchild of Simon Hammerstein - in a monumental metaphysical act of voyeurism and abstract story telling. Shot over 6 years, these images are a rare glimpse inside one of the most bawdy and exclusive nightlife experiences NY has ever seen. Anonymously mingling in the dark with his friend and cohort, Damian photographed the exotic and sometimes controversial goings on both onstage and off, from the dressing room to the balcony.  Notorious for the behavior of its creator, hosts, performers, and clientele, the box constantly manages to titillate and entertain while pushing the boundaries of decorum.  This book is a sexy and dark amalgam of the total experience that is Simon Hammerstein’s THE BOX.


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