A Companion to Reality Television.pdf

A Companion to Reality Television.pdf


Laurie Ouellette is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Minnesota, where she teaches Critical Media Studies. She has published extensively on reality television and is co-author of Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture (2004 and 2009), and Better Living Through Reality TV: Television and Post-Welfare Citizenship (Wiley, 2008).

Introduction Laurie Ouellette Part 1: Industry Moves: Producing and Selling Reality 1. Mapping Commercialism in Reality Television June Deery 2. Reality TV and the Political Economy of Amateurism Andrew Ross 3. When Everyone Has Their Own Reality Show Mark Andrejevic 4. Cast-aways: The Plights and Pleasures of Reality Casting and Production Studies Vicki Mayer 5. Program Format Franchising in the Age of Reality Television Albert Moran Part 2: Blurred Realities: History, Genre and Realism 6. Realism and Reality Formats Jonathan Bignell 7. Reality TV Experiences: Audiences, Fact, and Fiction Annette Hill 8. From Participatory Video to Reality TV Daniel Marcus 9. Manufacturing "Massness": Aesthetic Form and Industry Practice in the Reality Television Contest Hollis Griffin 10. God, Capitalism and the Family Dog Eileen Meehan Part 3: Dilemmas of Visibility: Identity and Difference 11. The Bachelorette's Postfeminist Therapy: Transforming Women for Love Rachel E. Dubrofsky 12. Fractured Feminism: Articulations of Feminism, Sex and Class by Reality TV Viewers Andrea Press 13. "It's Been a While Since I've Seen, Like, Straight People:" Queer Visibility in the Age of Post-Network Reality Television Joshua Gamson 14. The Wild Bunch: Men, Labor and Reality Television Gareth Palmer 15. The Conundrum of Race and Reality TV Catherine Squires 16. Tan TV: Reality Television's Post-Racial Delusion Hunter Hargraves Part 4: Ordinary People on TV: Empowerment or Exploitation? 17. Reality TV and the Demotic Turn Graeme Turner 18. DIY(t)Y, Reality-Style: The Cultural Word of Ordinary Celebrity Laura Grindstaff 19. Reality TV's Construction of Ordinary People: Class-Based and Non-Elitist Articulations Nico Carpentier Part 5: Subjects of Reality: Making and Selling Selves and Lifestyles 20. Mapping the Makeover Maze: The Contours and Contradictions of Makeover TV Brenda Weber 21. House Hunters, Real Estate TV and Everyday Cosmopolitanism Mimi White 22. Life Coaches, Style Mavens and Design Gurus: Everyday Experts on Reality TV Tania Lewis 23. Reality Television Celebrity: Star Consumption and Self-Production in Media Culture Julie Wilson 24. Producing "Reality": Branded Content, Branded Selves, Precarious Futures Alison Hearn Part 6: Affective Registers: Reality, Sentimentality and Feeling 25. A Matter of Feeling: Mediated Affect in Reality TV Misha Kavka 26. "Walking in Another's Shoes: Sentimentality and Philanthropy on Reality TV Heather Nunn and Anita Biressi Part 7: Political Realities: Citizenship, Policy and Public Life 27. Reality Television and the Reinvention of Government James Hay and Laurie Ouellette 28. Reality Television, Public Service and Public Life: A Critical Theory Perspective Peter Lunt 29. Reality Talent Shows in China: Transnational Format, Affective Engagement and the Chinese Dream Ling Yang 30. Reality Television From Big Brother to the Arab Uprisings: Neoliberal, Liberal and Geopolitical Considerations Marwan Kraidy

International in scope and more comprehensive than existing collections, A Companion to Reality Television presents a complete guide to the study of reality, factual and nonfiction television entertainment, encompassing a wide range of formats and incorporating cutting-edge work in critical, social and political theory. Original in bringing cutting-edge work in critical, social and political theory into the conversation about reality TV Consolidates the latest, broadest range of scholarship on the politics of reality television and its vexed relationship to culture, society, identity, democracy, and "ordinary people" in the media Includes primetime reality entertainment as well as precursors such as daytime talk shows in the scope of discussion Contributions from a list of international, leading scholars in this field


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