Hamor: The Road to Jerusalem.pdf

Hamor: The Road to Jerusalem.pdf


Dr. Bobby Holliday is a Christian author who writes entertaining fictional books about people and animals of the Bible. There is great care taken that the books are biblically sound so they can be used as teaching tools for children following the principals set forth by the scriptures. Dr. Holliday has a PhD in psychology and utilizes her training within the books to address the issues that children face in the world today.

When Hamor, the little donkey colt is born lame, beautiful young Eliana begs her father, Shimon, a poor farmer from the village of Amasa, outside Jerusalem, not to get rid of him. Eliana loves Hamor and so does their comical rooster, Kakas, who is not sure what time he is supposed to crow, if he even bothers to at all, that is. Shimon is torn with anguish over the decision until he has a dream one night that tells him the little lame colt has a surprising destiny.


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