The Wellness & Prevention Solution: Using the Science of Genetics and Lifestyle to Get Well and Stay Well.pdf

The Wellness & Prevention Solution: Using the Science of Genetics and Lifestyle to Get Well and Stay Well.pdf


Dr James Chestnut is a recognized international authority and lecturer on the science and practice of wellness and prevention, and is a tireless patient advocate. Dr Chestnut's revolutionary concept of Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well' as the genetically required lifestyle foundations of his Wellness and Prevention Solution has not only helped define the practice of wellness and prevention, but has simplified it for both patients and clinicians.

Why and how have humans become the sickest species on the planet? Why are more and more of our children, teenagers, adults and seniors developing and suffering from chronic illness? How can we spend more and more money to take more and more prescription drugs every year and still be getting sicker and sicker? What is causing this pandemic of chronic illness, and all the human, social and economic costs associated with it? Why are so many of us fatigued, tired, depressed, anxious, stressed, overweight and unhappy? Why do so many have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, digestive problems and physical and emotional pain? Most important, how can we protect ourselves, our loved ones and our society from this pandemic of preventable suffering? In this book, Dr James Chestnut summarizes his more than 25 years of scientific research review, writing, lecturing and clinical experience. He presents utterly convincing, engaging, empowering and often witty answers to these questions and provides you with a clear, understandable and easy-to-implement Wellness and Prevention Solution. The truth is that we are not sick with chronic illness because of bad genes, bad germs, bad luck, bad bodies or bad minds. We are sick because we have bad lifestyle habits and then too often receive bad advice or treatments. We need to learn what lifestyle choices are required to genetically express our innate potential to get and stay well. We need...The Wellness and Prevention Solution!


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