Wilbur Watkin's Warehouse.pdf

Wilbur Watkin's Warehouse.pdf


Lucianne DeLong is an Alabama native with a passion for children's stories and the South. She has authored other books for young readers, including the Possum Squat series. Her purpose in producing Saloman Sawdust's Snappy Stories is to bring entertaining reading, good morals, and fun stickers in a quick, easy-to-read, and snappy format. She developed her love for these stories while employed as a private tutor for teen and preteen children. Her Southern way lends itself to humorous and engaging storytelling. Besides her five children, her numerous grandchildren love these stories.

Every child has one fear or another when it comes to going to the doctor. This wonderful rhyming sticker book tells the story of twins who discover doctors and nurses are nice people, and visiting them doesnt have to hurt.


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