Medical Research Essentials.pdf

Medical Research Essentials.pdf


I. Introduction Why Evidence-Based Medicine II. Journal Club How to read and critique an article III. Types of research projects: Which one is for me. Caveats for each including approval for animal research, IRB, training needed, as well as time constraints associated with each. Presented in an algorithm format. a. Animal Work b. Human subjects work c. In-vitro work IV. How to find a mentor + structure a. How to find their articles, set up an appointment b. Will I work with postdocs, grad students, on my own, research nurse, etc. V. How to approach a research question: a. Defining the problem b. Formulating a hypothesis c. Time feasibility, Patient population d. IRB e. How to find opportunities for funding/competition VI. How to organize, interpret, and analyze data. a. Organize (Databases), Interpret (Excel, pivot tables), Analyze (statistics, graphs, tables) b. How to use technology to your advantage: (Tips on Excel, Google Docs, questionnaire/survey formulations). VII. Research Algorithms How to approach research involving: a. Drugs b. Procedures/surgeries c. measuring serologic markers d. risk factors/epidemiology e. meta-analysis f. Other VIII. Publishing a. Things to keep in mind IX. Appendix- How to reference, list of important research tools, statistical tips


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