Modern Buffet Presentation.pdf

Modern Buffet Presentation.pdf


Preface Acknowledgements Recipe Contents Chapter 1 Mise en Place Chapter 2 Designing the Buffet Chapter 3 Buffet Stations: Equipment, Service, and Setup Chapter 4 Executing the Buffet Chapter 5 Appetizers and Hors doeuvre Chapter 6 Soups, Salads, Vegetables Chapter 7 Pasta, Polenta, Rice, and Potato Chapter 8 Meat, Chicken and Fish Chapter 9 Bread, Brunch, and Dessert Chapter 10 Sauces, Salsas, Relishes, and Vinaigrettes Glossary Readings and Resources List Equipment References Index

Modern Buffet Presentation gives readers the ability to plan and execute a successful buffet, an essential skill required for professionals in the restaurant industry and in the rapidly-growing field of catering and special events. Modern Buffet Presentation , written by a team of expert caterers with over 50 years combined experience in professional cooking, catering, and teaching, includes details on every aspect of planning, designing, and executing a banquet in any setting and for any occasion. This text includes guidance on everything from menu planning, pricing, and essential buffet equipment to arranging food, action stations, training staff, and communicating with clients. Brilliant photography illustrates successful buffet setups, platter arrangements, centerpieces and displays, and much more. From simple cafeteria lines to formal banquets, this text covers every type of buffet presentation imaginable and is an essential resource for anyone who plans or executes buffets.


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