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Praise for "An Army of Lovers"
""An Army of Lovers" explores the liminal spaces where cities and individuals come together and stand apart with strange, brainy grace."--Michelle Tea, author of "Valencia" among many other books
"Two of my favorite poets, each with a unique voice, wangle a 'third mind' as they come together in a novel radically different than any I know. Like the 70s Rosa von Praunheim documentary on the 2nd wave gay rights movement ("Army of Lovers or The Revolt of the Perverts"), the newly minted "Army of Lovers" takes a stage crowded with multiple images, intent on creating a moment of revolutionary stillness inside the noise. Authors Spahr and Buuck, who appear in this novel as Bay Area poets 'Koki' and 'Demented Panda, ' style it up all the way from magical realism to 'new journalism' and Raymond Carver Cathedralspeak, but it's the weary 'I can't go on. I'll go on' optimism at which wounded veterans of the army of lovers excel. Theirs is a rigorous book, and a book of marvels, with something funny, something painful, stirring on every page."--Kevin Killian, author of "Spreadeagle"
"Too often in the poetry world, self-awareness means dreary, self-important self-absorption. Thank goodness that is not the case here. This picaresque story about the 'particular lostness' of poetry, the ways poems always win and the lives of self-described 'mediocre' poets is actually pretty hilarious! It's also smart, incisive and politically astute. Now, to the barricades!"--Rebecca Brown, author of "American Romances: Essays"
Praise for Juliana Spahr's "Well Then There Now"
"Spahr's fifth book of imaginative writing (both poems and prose) should be a blockbuster, a lasting disturbance; a work of crisp wit, bizarre conjunctions and ultimately enduring moral authority; it is also the best, and perhaps the most widely accessible, thing that Spahr has done."--"Publishers Weekly," starred review
Praise for David Buuck's "The Shunt"

Juliana Spahr is the author of four books of poetry: "Well Then There Now" (Black Sparrow P, 2011), "This Connection of Everyone with Lungs" (U of California, 2005), "Fuck You-Aloha-I Love You" (Wesleyan U, 2001), and "Response" (Los Angeles: Sun & Moon P, 1996). She is the recipient of the 2009 Hardison Poetry Prize awarded by the Folger Shakespeare Library. In 2007 she published "The Transformation" (Atelos), a book of prose which tells the story of three people who move between Hawai'i and New York in order to talk about cultural geography, ecology, anticolonialism, queer theory, language politics, the academy, and recent wars. She edits with Jena Osman the book series Chain Links and with nineteen other poets she edits of the collectively funded Subpress. She has edited numerous critical anthologies and teaches at Mills College.
David Buuck is a writer and teacher who lives in Oakland, CA. He is the founder of BARGE, the Bay Area Research Group in Enviro-aesthetics, and co-founder and editor of "Tripwire," a journal of poetics. From 2003-08 he was associate editor at "Artweek," and from 2007-11 the President of the Board of Directors of Small Press Traffic, a literary nonprofit in San Francisco, where he also co-curated the annual Poets Theater festival. "The Shunt," a book of poetry about the Bush years, was published in 2009 by Palm Press. He is a proud member of Occupy Oakland and various related offshoots.


A picaresque experimental novel, "An Army of Lovers" is the story of Demented Panda and Koki, two friends trying to be political poets in a time when poetry has lost its ability to effect social change. Their collaboration unleashes a torrent of consumerist excess that morphs into a Gitmo-style torture camp. Our heroes struggle to avoid complicity in the spectacle, yet are unable to overcome it through poetry. Instead it invades their bodies, manifesting itself through blisters and other symptoms, as the poets attempt to move beyond this impasse. Absurdist, fantastic, conceptual, "Army" is a novel for the Occupy generation.


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