Beyond Mastering: A Conceptual Guide.pdf

Beyond Mastering: A Conceptual Guide.pdf


STEVE TURNIDGE is a noted mastering engineer at UltraViolet Studios, with scores of albums and thousands of licensed music tracks to his credit. Turnidge's professional experiences are vast, including teaching audio recording and serving as chair of the Music Technology Advisory Committee at Shoreline Community, serving as chair of the PNW Chapter of the Audio Engineering Society, and being on the Board of Governors for the Recording Academy. Turnidge cofounded Burning Sky Records (as producer, art director, and mastering engineer), producing new Squeeze and Roxy Music tribute albums (among several others). He designs and fabricates modular hardware synthesizers at Synthwerks, and designs guitar pedals for Pigtronix.

In his first book, "Desktop Mastering", Steve Turnidge unveiled his unique approach to mastering in the box, all the while providing glimpses of his mind-set and resulting workflow. Now, in "Beyond Mastering", Turnidge pulls back the veil to give a tour of the physics and philosophy driving the mastering engineer, and the internal state required for happiness and success. By definition, universal truths can be expressed in any medium. In this book, these truths are revealed through the art of mastering, building on the step-by-step methods explained in "Desktop Mastering", related in well-developed metaphor and analogy. "Beyond Mastering" is full of guiding principles gained from Turnidge's more than 25 years at the forefront of art and technology.


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