Engineering Tribology.pdf

Engineering Tribology.pdf


Andrew W Batchelor has been involved in tribology for the past 30 years and has taught tribology at universities in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and India. He is a member of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and has written books on topics in materials degradation and bioengineering.

This 4e of the established introductory reference, Engineering Tribology, provides a thorough understanding of friction and wear using technologies such as lubrication and special materials. The book focuses in particular on hydrodynamic, elastohydrodynamic, and hydrostatic lubrication techniques and examines all manner of wear, including abrasive, adhesive, corrosive, and fatigue. Tribology is a complex topic with its own terminology and specialized concepts and is vitally important throughout all engineering disciplines, including mechanical design, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics and biomedical engineering. With updated content throughout and new chapters on the hydrodynamic aspects of tribology as well as advances in the fields of nano- and bio-tribology, the book focuses on the engineering applications of tribology to aid readers needing an introduction, refresher or reference on the topic. It offers a comprehensive overview of the mechanisms of wear, lubrication and friction in an accessible manner designed to aid novice engineers, non-specialists and students. It provides a reader-friendly approach to the subject using illustrations to break down the typically complex problems associated with tribology. It includes end-of-chapter problems to test understanding, with solutions provided.


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