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Me Too!.pdf


Customer Reviews
Very sweet, October 28, 2006
Reviewer: B. Tov "mom of two" (New York)

My son is 3.5 years old and his sister is one year old so playing together nicely and sharing toys are big issues at the moment. My son likes very much this book series by Mercer Mayer and "Me Too!" is not an exception. He relates to the book's subject and he enjoys its' end very much since it shows that there can be a silver lining to all his big brother troubles.

Book Description
Mercer Mayer's funny and popular Little Critter is learning to get along with his younger sister in this picture-book classic. When Little Critter goes off with his friends, his little sister wails, "Me, too!" When Little Critter eats a piece of cake, he has to share it with his hungry sister. It seems as if Little Critter's responsibilities as a big brother will never end. Then comes the day when his little sister learns to share. Little Critter sees a ray of hope. Maybe his little sister is growing up!

Card catalog description
Sharing with one's little sister can be an awful bother, but it has its rewards too.

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