D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths.pdf

D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths.pdf


No education is complete without a large slice of Greek mythology. And there's no better way of meeting that literary quota than with the D'Aulaires' book. All the great gods and goddesses of ancient Greece are depicted in this big, beautiful classic, lovingly illustrated and skillfully told. Young readers will be dazzled by mighty Zeus, lord of the universe; stirred by elegant Athena, goddess of wisdom; intimidated by powerful Hera, queen of Olympus; and chilled by moody Poseidon, ruler of the sea. These often impetuous immortals flounce and frolic, get indiscreet, and get even. From petty squabbles to heroic deeds, their actions cover the range of godly--and mortal--personalities.

The D'Aulaires' illustrations have a memorable quality: once pored over, they will never leave the minds of the viewer. Decades later, the name Gaea will still evoke the soft green picture of lovely Mother Earth, her body hills and valleys and her eyes blue lakes reflecting the stars of her husband, Uranus the sky. No child is too young to appreciate the myths that have built the foundation for much of the world's art and literature over the centuries. This introduction to mythology is a treasure. (Ages 10 to adult) --Emilie Coulter

"For any child fortunate enough to have this generous book...the kings and heroes of ancient legend will remain forever matter-of-fact; the pictures interpret the text literally and are full of detail and witty observation."
--Horn Book.

"The drawings...are excellent and excitingly evocative."
--The New York Times. -- Review

INGRI and EDGAR PARIN D’AULAIRE were author-artists of rare distinction. They met in Munich where both were studying art. Ingri had grown up in Norway; Edgar, the son of a noted Italian portrait painter, was born in Switzerland and had lived in Paris and Florence.  Shortly after they married they together began to create text and art for the picture books that established their reputation for unique craftsmanship. During an extended trip to Greece, they studied and sketched the countryside, the people, the architecture, and the artifacts of long ago.  These elements appear with unmistakable authenticity, transformed by the d’Aulaires’ own artistic concepts.


In Olden Times     9
Gaea, Mother Earth    10
The Titans     12

ZEUS and his Family    16
Hera      24
Hephaestus     28
Aphrodite     30
Ares      32
Athena      34
Poseidon     38
Apollo      42
Artemis      44
Hermes      50
Hades      56
Persephone and Demeter    58
Dionysus     64

MINOR GODS, Nymphs, Satyrs, and Centaurs  70
Prometheus     72
Pandora      74
Deucalion     76
Eos      80
Helios and Phaëthon    82
Selene      86
Pan      90
Echo      92
Syrinx      94
The Wild and Vulgar Centaurs   96
Asclepius     98
The Nine Muses     100
Orpheus      102

Europa and Cadmus    108
Tantalus and Pelops    112
Danaüs, Perseus, and the Gorgon   114
Clever and Vainglorious Kings   123
King Midas     124
Sisyphus     126
Bellerophon     128
Melampus     130
Heracles     132
Theseus      148
Oedipus      158
The Golden Fleece    162
The Calydonian Boar Hunt   176
The Apples of Love and the Apple of Discord 178
Everything Must Come to an End   189

INDEX      190 

"For any child fortunate enough to have this  generous book...the kings and heroes of ancient  legend will remain forever matter-of-fact; the  pictures interpret the text literally and are full of  detail and witty observation."--Horn  Book.

"The drawings...are excellent  and excitingly evocative."--The New  York Times.


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