The Real Mother Goose.pdf

The Real Mother Goose.pdf


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This is a board-book edition of the classic nursery rhyme collection, and it's a fine choice for a first nursery-rhyme book. The old-fashioned, rather Edwardian-looking illustrations may appeal more to nostalgic parents than to babies and toddlers, but the bright colors and simple lines are easy on small eyes, too. Each double-page spread has a one-verse rhyme on the left with an illustration on the right, and the 15 selections include Humpty Dumpty; Peter, Peter, Pumpkin-Eater; The Cat and the Fiddle; Pease Porridge Hot; and Wee Willie Winkie. (Baby to 3) --Richard Farr

DIANE DUANE is the author of more then twenty science fiction and fantasy novels, including the seven books in the Young Wizards series. She lives in rural Ireland.

Mother Goose? Run-of-the-mill as it might seem to some, there are more kids than you'd expect growing up these days without the benefit of exposure to wholesome children's literature. This attractive collection is the "standard" edition that has been delighting millions for 75 years.Mother Goose is a vital part of childhood. So sit down, take your one- or two-year-old on your lap, and begin Your child will learn much more than the verses: rhyme, rhythm, new words, and the security of your attention.


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