Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids.pdf

Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids.pdf


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The Russian Andrey Tarkovsky (1932-1986) is one of the greatest directors in film history. Here Italian photographer Chiaramonte and Tarkovsky's son mount a selection of color Polaroids the filmmaker took from 1979 to 1984 of his home, family, and friends in Russia and of places he visited in Italy. His father, Arseny, was a distinguished poet, and judging from the notebook extracts accompanying the pictures, Tarkovsky was no mean poet himself. Like his father, he intuited a holy eternity. Those windows into eternity, the icons of the Orthodox Church, influenced his visual style (his Andrei Rublev commemorates the greatest icon painter), and these photos, suffused by the ochre light of late afternoon and so powerfully composed that they argue that supreme artistic visualization was second nature to Tarkovsky, look so timeless and enduring that they inspire worshipful awe. Like some of the imagery of The Mirror, the Tarkovsky film these pictures most resemble, some of them tax and frustrate legibility. Always, they affirm a line of Arseny Tarkovsky's, "We are all immortal." Ray Olson
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"* 'One of the most beautiful books of the year' - Time Out * '[These photos] match the rapturous visuals and spiritual intensity of Tarkovsky's films... [they] capture eternity in a moment' - Vertigo"

Andrei Tarkovsky is widely considered the finest film-maker Russia has ever produced. Andrei A. Tarkovsky, born in 1970, is his son. Giovanni Chiaramonte is a distinguished Italian photographer. Tonino Guerra is a prolific screenwriter and was a great friend of Tarkovsky.

An elegiac collection of sixty Polaroid photographs by the late Soviet film director Andrei Tarkovsky.

"Tarkovsky often reflected on the way that time flies and wanted to stop it, even with these quick Polaroid shots. The melancholy of seeing things for the last time is the highly mysterious and poetic essence that these images leave with us. It is as though Andrei wanted to transmit his own enjoyment quickly to others. And they feel like a fond farewell."—Tonino Guerra, from the Introduction

This beautifully produced book comprises sixty Polaroid photographs of Andrei Tarkovsky's friends and family, taken between 1979 and 1984 in his native Russia and in Italy, where he spent time in political exile.The size of the Polaroids is exactly as presented in the book, including the frame. The book may therefore be viewed as a facsimile edition. 60 color illustrations.


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