Fancy Nancy Sees Stars.pdf

Fancy Nancy Sees Stars.pdf


From Booklist
In the latest in the Fancy Nancy I Can Read series, Nancy once again has fun with concepts and words in a story that breaks the nerd stereotypes. This time, cute, prancing Nancy is excited about a class trip to the planetarium for a night sky show, and the cheerful ink-and-watercolor pictures show her in her frilly outfits, thrilled about the Big Dipper, the various constellations, and the earth’s distance from the sun. Kids will be equally caught up in the astronomy and in the twists and turns of Nancy’s daily drama. Grades K-2. --Hazel Rochman


Jane O'Connor is the author of more than thirty books for children, including the Nina, Nina Ballerina stories, illustrated by DyAnne DiSalvo, and the Fancy Nancy picture book series. Ms. O'Connor lives with her family in ever-posh New York City.


Nancy absolutely adores stars. She loves how they sparkle in the sky, and she can even name the constellations. Nancy can hardly wait for her class visit to the planetarium!

Young readers will delight in this newest addition to the Fancy Nancy I Can Read series, sharing in Nancy's anticipation and disappointment when the trip doesn't go as planned. But with her trademark panache, Nancy manages to make even this frustrating situation fun—and, of course, fancy.


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