Building People: Sunday Emails from a CEO, Volume 2.pdf

Building People: Sunday Emails from a CEO, Volume 2.pdf


Liew Mun Leong 's distinguished career in both the public and private sectors spans almost 40 years. He has worked as an engineer building airports, military camps and airbases and was appointed the Registrar of Singapore's Professional Engineer Board. Mun Leong has also served as CEO of two statutory boards in the fields of industrial research and national standardisation and he was elected President of the worldwide International Standards Organisation (ISO). In the private sector, Mun Leong has led several public-listed companies and is the Group President and CEO of CapitaLand Ltd, South East Asia's largest listed real estate company. Mun Leong's passion for "building people" and creating the right corporate culture is the cornerstone of his leadership. He frequently writes "hobby emails" to his colleagues and shares his vision, core values and strategy in a simple and sincere way. This book is the second volume of a compilation of "hobby emails" to his colleagues. Mun Leong was awarded the Public Administration Medal by the Singapore Government in 1979 for his illustrious career in the public service. For his performance in the private sector, he was named the Outstanding CEO of the Year in the 2006 Singapore Business Awards and conferred the inaugural CEO of the Year award at the 2007 Singapore Corporate Awards. In 2008, Mr Liew was named Asia's Best Executive of 2008 (Singapore) by Asiamoney and Best CEO in Asia (Property) by Institutional Investor. CapitaLand is one of Asia's largest real estate companies. Headquartered and listed in Singapore, the multi-local company's core businesses in real estate, hospitality and real estate financial services are focused in growth cities in Asia Pacific and Europe. The company's real estate and hospitality portfolio, which includes homes, offices, shopping malls, serviced residences and mixed developments?spans more than 110 cities in over 20 countries. CapitaLand also leverages on its significant asset base, real estate domain knowledge, financial skills and extensive market network to develop real estate financial products and services in Singapore and the region. The listed subsidiaries and associates of CapitaLand include Australand, CapitaMalls Asia, CapitaMall Trust, CapitaCommercial Trust, Ascott Residence Trust, CapitaRetail China Trust, CapitaMalls Malaysia Trust and Quill Capita Trust.


Why did I publish the book?

Chapter 1: Managing During Turbulent Times.

Managing during turbulent times.

Can the current global economic crisis change and improve our retail industry?

2010 New Year message We survived the cold winter year.

(BN) British Airways cancels flights as T5 chaos continues.

Love of money—The collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Chapter 2: Instilling Values.

What should we tell our boss about?

Some good advice from a wise Thai lady.

Observe, support, and give your views!

Enjoy your overseas family holiday but don't waste it!

Your job and you. Is it cause or effect?

Can you sleep soundly at night?

Chapter 3: Leadership and Enterprise.

Responsible leadership.

Did the Merlion suck up Furama Hotel?

Scale and boldness.

Entrepreneurial ideas? Listen, think and make your call.

Who is responsible for service excellence in the company?

Eulogy for Sim Kee Boon.

Chapter 4: Work-Life Integration.

What keeps me awake at night?

Of filial piety—Have you called your mother today?

Managing my stress during turbulent times.

What is the most important thing in life?

Chapter 5: Perspectives on China.

Toward an Asian renaissance: The rise of China—A business perspective.

Inner Mongolia—China's fastest growing province, but some behavior must change.

But why China?

Is there a property bubble in China?

Encounters in China.

Getting to know the entrepreneurial people in Wenzhou.

Encounter with a brave young girl.

How do our overseas colleagues see us?

Chapter 6: ICE—Eyeopeners for Lifelong Learning.

Young turks versus older loyalists.

Nonagenarian wisdom now!

What do flying F16, making sushi, and drawing calligraphy have in common?

American Idol—more than just TV entertainment!

Have we grown as we aged?

Bird porn.

Do you have to own it to love it?

Liew Mun Leong communicates regularly and frankly with his staff in various ways, including emails. He began writing emails to his staff on various topics and issues when he joined the company. Through these emails, one gets a certain vicarious pleasure from reading about his many interesting work experiences and challenges, and gains insights into the character and management philosophy of this visionary leader.


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