Immigrant Voices: Twenty-Four Voices on Becoming an American.pdf

Immigrant Voices: Twenty-Four Voices on Becoming an American.pdf


Gathering together narratives from the eighteenth to the twentieth century Immigrant Voices provides both a historical and uniquely personal perspective on the struggles and successes of immigrants——and illuminates the difficult and rewarding dream of becoming an American

Letters from an American Farmer
Hector St.John de Creveoeur
Inquiries of an Emigrant
Joseph Pickering
A True Picture of Emigration
Rebecca Burlend
Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie
Frontier Mother
Gro Svendsen
The Nun of Kennlare
Margaret Anna Cusack
AWoman'S Quest
Marie Zakrzewska
Story of a Pioneer
Anna Howard Shaw
Memoirs of Henry Villard
Henry villard
The Making of an American
Jacob Riis
The Promised Land
Mary Antin
From Alien to Citizen
Edward Steiner
Far Journey
Abraham Rihbany
The Americanization of Edward Bok
Edward Bok
Up Stream
Ludwig Lewisohn
Caste and Outcast
Dhan Ghopal Mukerji
A Daughter of the Samurai
Etsu Sugimoto
From Immigrant to Inventor
Michael Pupin
The Soul of an Immigrant
Constantine Panunzio
A Long Way From Home
Claude McKay
Chinaman's Chance
No-Yong Park
America Is in the Heart
Carlos Bulosan
Barrio Boy
Ernesto Galarza
Quiet Odyssey
Mary PaikLee

Of ten ,the record of these experiences took the form of diaries or letters-modes of life writing which encouraged introspection and meditation over storytelling Or they were more straightforward travel reports( a form that persists ,in this collection in the hands of Joseph pickering and Rebecca Burlend)These accounts of what happened to voyagers-met as these colonists were with expectatins of thrilling adventures -generally found their origin ad tales told for the benefit of readers at home rather than the colonists themselves ,Written to inform as well as to deliht potential settlers these narratives also meant to entertain readers who stayed behind ,even as they tried to warn prospective newcomers about thehardships and dangers awaiting them

From Hector St 10hn de Crevecoeurs defining statement of Americanism to Harlem Renaissance figure Claude McKaysobservations on race,here are both rousing and heartbreaking impressions of those who departed from their homelands in the hopes of making a new 1ire A thirteen-year-old boy's arrival from Scotland is related-a boy who would later become millionaire industrialist Andrew Carnegie other American SUCCESS Stories tell of immigrants' efforts to reconcile old traditions with their new land Included are the experiences Of Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward Bok.1nventor Michael Pupin,renowned social reformer Jacob Riis,one of the first American female physicians,Marie Zakrzewska,as well as those who came from India,China,Korea,Syria,and Mexico to make their mark on the “New World”.


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